Who Smart Farms?

Every Smart Farm requires the effort of many stakeholders within the local community. These are some of the key roles that may contribute toward a Smart Farm project.

Original Land Owner

A person or organization who owns the land prior to Smart Farm development.

Foodland Trust

A Foodland Trust or other Public Body that owns and oversees farming on a strata-based Smart Farm.

Strata Corporation

Owners of a Strata Corporation that collectively own and manages a strata-based Smart Farm property.

Housing & Farming Cooperative

Owners of an Incorporated Co-operative that owns and manages a Co-operative Smart Farm.

Local Government

Municipality or Regional Government that handles zoning requests.


Realtors or others who enable private sale of Smart Farm homes.

Private Owners

Private home owners who purchase homes on a Smart Farm property.

Farming Business

A person or company which leases land and housing on a Smart Farm in order to produce food.


A bank or other financial backer who assists with development of a Smart Farm.